3 Ways MiSOgood Saves You Time in the Kitchen

3 Ways MiSOgood Saves You Time in the Kitchen

There are only 24 hours in the day, and sometimes it can feel like a whole lot less. Between work, family obligations, the need to get a minimum of exercise, and other responsibilities, it can often feel like we’re being stretched super thin.

So when it comes to whipping up a tasty meal, many of us might turn to frozen foods or other shortcuts. Too often, pre-prepared foods are full of preservatives and other stuff that’s not so good for you, especially if eaten regularly over time.

That’s what makes MiSOgood such a useful—and tasty—item to keep in your kitchen. Unlike traditional miso paste, MiSOgood is a pre-mixed liquid, meaning it’s ready to go whenever you are! As such, there are many ways that MiSOgood can save you time in the kitchen. Here are our three favorites!

Quick and Easy Soup

Making miso soup with MiSOgood is a snap. Simply pour some into a bowl, add some hot water, and you’re good to go as is. Tasty, wholesome, and warming, MiSOgood delivers flavorful and healthy soups in as little as 90 seconds!

But why stop there? With a handful of fresh veggies, and some yummy noodles, and you’ve got a hearty and healthy meal that’s ready in minutes.

Want some inspiration? Check out our soup recipes!

Instant Umami

Bland food giving you a case of the blahs? MiSOgood offers an easy solution! Our instant miso can easily be added to a wide variety of foods to provide them with a bit of extra zing that’s sure to wake up your taste buds. MiSOgood can kick up the flavor in just about any sauce or marinade, but you can also use it in a wide variety of drinks, desserts, and even some breakfast foods!

Plus, with a wide range of MiSOgood flavors, you can mix and match to create an even wider variety of dishes. Never eat boring again!

Savory Salad Dressing and Dipping Sauce

Is there ever a bad time for a salad? If you’re like us, you love your fresh veggies no matter what meal or time of day. But what makes salad or fresh veggies even better? A dash of MiSOgood, of course!

MiSOgood is great in vinaigrettes, giving them a little more texture, a little more body, and A LOT more flavor. Plus, you can use them directly or combine them with some creamy vegan mayonnaise to make a flavorful dipping sauce that will have you inhaling your veggies. But don’t forget to chew!

Want more ideas on how to use MiSOgood? We’ve got a ton of recipes just waiting for you to try. And don’t forget to check out our the MiSOgood shopping experience to explore all the delicious MiSOgood flavors!