5 Ingredients MiSOgood Can Replace

5 Ingredients MiSOgood Can Replace

Sometimes when you’re cooking, you look at your recipe and realize you’re missing an ingredient. Maybe you forgot to buy it, or you ran out of it unexpectedly. Whatever the reason, you need to pillage your pantry to find a decent substitute that will lend a similar flavor and texture to whatever dish you’re cooking.

And that’s when you turn to MiSOgood! MiSOgood is exceptionally flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. And because it’s already liquid, there’s no need to rehydrate or add water as you would with regular miso paste.

Here are five ingredients that MiSOgood can easily replace without skipping a beat.

Soy Sauce

Plenty of recipes call for soy sauce. The thing is, there’s a considerable variation between different types of soy sauce. And since most of us don’t have 30 different bottles at home, why not have just one. MiSOgood Teriyaki or MiSOgood Brown Rice Miso both have that rich, savory, salty flavor and make excellent soy sauce substitutes.

Fish Sauce

If you’re into Thai food, you probably know that much of the umami flavors in that cuisine come from fish sauce. Unfortunately, fish sauce isn’t vegetarian-friendly.

But MiSOgood is! All of our liquid misos are vegan and vegetarian, and our Brown Rice Miso offers a robust flavor that comes from being aged for two years.


Dashi is another fish-based umami seasoning, typically made from dried bonito flakes. It’s salty but light, making our Soy-free Miso an ideal vegan and vegetarian substitute.


Aside from being used to make soup, stocks and bouillons are often used to add a depth of flavor to sauces. They make great simmering liquids for poaching, too.

Stocks and bouillon often come dehydrated, and as such, they frequently have several unhealthy additives that keep them fresh and maintain their flavor.

If you want a healthier version, our Sweet & Savory White Miso can easily replace any vegetable, chicken, or fish stock you may wish to. Or, if you’re looking to replace beef stock in a recipe like Beef Bourguignon, try our Sesame Miso, which adds a slightly nutty flavor to your dishes.


Speaking of sesame, tahini paste and miso pastes are often used interchangeably. The thing with tahini paste is that it’s often difficult to use. Tahini can be challenging to work with because it can quickly get dried out and crumbly.

Our Sesame Miso can offer a good substitute from a flavor standpoint.

Want more ways to use MiSOgood? Check out our recipes for plenty of ideas. Then head over to our online shop or Amazon store to stock up on the flavors you’ll love!