Our Favorite Fall Soups

Our Favorite Fall Soups

It’s the time of year where the weather starts getting a little chillier. And that can only mean one thing: Soup season! There’s really nothing better than a hot, steamy bowl of goodness to warm us up when it’s cold outside.

Fall is also harvest time! That means lots of amazing root vegetables and other fall ingredients (ahem…pumpkin spice) are inviting our palate to taste the season. It’s a great time to get creative, explore a little bit, and fill our bowls and our souls with something tasty.

To help get you in the mood, here are some of our favorite fall soups, all with a hint (or more) of our tasty ready-to-use misos!


Instant Tomato Soup

It seriously doesn’t get faster or easier than this. And while our original recipe calls for a jar of marinara tomato sauce, you can also want to try it with a can of crushed San Marzano tomatoes for an authentic Italian flare. And don’t forget the grilled cheese sandwiches for the perfect fall complement!

Preferred miso:  Soy-free Miso


Roasted Carrot Soup with Spicy MiSOgood

“OMG!” is what your tongue is going to say when it gets a taste of this carrot soup. It’s thick and creamy, but without any cream, so it’s vegan and healthy. What makes the carrots stand out, of course, is roasting them before blending them with water or vegetable stock. And adding some of our Spicy Miso will give it just enough kick to keep you warm even when it’s chilly out.

Preferred miso:  Spicy Miso


Teriyaki MiSOgood Baked Beans

Ok, we know this isn’t soup exactly. But it’s rich and hearty, and great after raking leaves, picking pumpkins, or whatever other fall activity you have going on. This recipe has a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of savory. It’s great as a side dish or served with a side of toast.

Preferred Miso: Teriyaki Miso

Grilled Corn Soup

While we tend to think of corn on the cob as a summer food, this hearty soup is also delicious in colder temperatures. If you can’t get corn on the cob—or if you don’t have a grill—we suggest spreading a 12 oz can of sweet corn on a flat baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then drizzling oil over it, and popping it into the oven to roast until the kernels are golden brown.

Preferred Miso: Sweet & Savory White Miso

Want more inspiration on adding MiSOgood to your favorite foods? Check out all our recipes and check out our website or  Amazon store for all your favorite MiSOgood flavors!