Our Favorite MiSOgood Ramen Recipes

Our Favorite MiSOgood Ramen Recipes

One of our favorite soups in the world is ramen. With chewy noodles, jammy eggs, and a nearly infinite number of combinations of broth and toppings, ramen is one of the most satisfying meals ever created.

While there are a few different types of broth, to be sure, our favorites are ones made with MiSOgood! Often lighter and healthier than other ramen broths (typically made by boiling pork and chicken bones for hours and hours), MiSOgood ramens are versatile and relatively easy to make. And while traditionally, miso ramen is made by adding traditional miso paste to a poultry or seafood broth, MiSOgood ramen broths are best when made with vegetable stock and your favorite MiSOgood flavor.  

So forget the college dorm room ramens of your youth. Here come some delicious and easy-to-make MiSOgood ramen recipes!

Creamy Sesame Vegan MiSOgood Ramen Bowl

This recipe uses a combination of tahini and mushroom broth to make an extra rich broth that’s big on flavor but surprisingly light at the same time. We use our sesame MiSOgood, which pairs great with the tahini (also sesame-based) but feel free to try some of our other flavorings to give your ramen a bit of a different twist.

BBC’s Miso Ramen

The BBC has a great library of recipes, and this one certainly is a homerun. While it calls for traditional miso paste, you can substitute it for one of our MiSOgood liquid misos. We recommend our MiSOgood to compliment the use of soy sauce. Also, be sure to get smoked tofu and soba for this one, as they will add a level of umami and texture.

Japanese Cooking 101 Miso Ramen

Here’s another great recipe that’s very quick and easy to make. Again, substitute the miso paste with our Brown Rice MiSOgood liquid miso. Also, if you’re doing a vegetarian version, simply skip using the yakituba (roasted pork).

The Spruce Eats Miso Ramen

Another venerable recipe source is The Spruce Eats. We like this miso ramen recipe because it’s very quick and relatively simple compared to other, more complex recipes. Again, this one calls for meat (ground pork) and chicken broth, but we recommend substituting textured vegetable protein and vegetable broth if you want a vegetarian version. As for the MiSOgood component, we recommend our Sweet & Savory White Miso, which will give it a nice balanced flavor.

Epicurious Miso Ramen

Epicurious is a fantastic resource for all sorts of things. This particular recipe is interesting because 1) it uses both red and white miso, and 2) it’s surprisingly easy to put together despite the relatively long ingredient list. For the misos, we suggest using both our MiSOgood and the MiSOgood liquid misos for the red and white misos, respectively.

Get more original MiSOgood recipes here for all your inspiration. Or head on over to our Amazon store to get your hands on our delicious liquid misos.