Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

This easy and healthy breakfast will surely be your morning go to! Packed with probiotics and essential vitamins to kick start your day! These MiSOgood Savory  are so tasty! Tender crepes brimming with cheese, fresh tomato, and bright leafy spinach. Universally adored and conveniently adaptable to endless cheese, and vegetable combinations.

MiSOgood for breakfast? You bet. MiSOgood can play both a sweet and savory role in these wildly fluffy pancakes. MiSOgood is so jam-packed with flavor that these pancakes are just as tasty as they are fluffy. Adding some maple syrup amplifies the miso’s natural sugars while balancing its saltiness and providing the perfect punch of salty and sweet. Feel free to use our MiSOgood maple syrup recipe to these pancakes for the perfect probiotic filled breakfast. 

Homemade applesauce is an all time favorite! With only 3 ingredients it’s the perfect time to ditch the store bought stuff and try this super easy recipe! Whether you make it sweetened or unsweetened, applesauce is a favorite snack or even dessert! This recipe can be divided into applesauce pouches or be used as a flavor base in other recipes. 

This Spicy MiSOgood hash brown is a unique delicacy on the dining table that everyone loves to eat. This is the simplest recipe to make. Its crispy texture and gooey center are what everyone loves about. A tasty and healthy way to jumpstart your brunch!