Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

Our MiSOgood Soy-Free Miso pairs perfectly as a slightly sweet dressing for this soba noodle salad. You can make the dressing in the time it takes to cook the soba noodles and it's just so easy and healthy! Keep this dish vegan by adding baked tofu, or add some thinly sliced cooked chicken, beef, or shrimp, you'll have a one-dish meal.

Ozoni is a hearty soup with mochi. The perfect way to warm up on a cold day. Ozoni has been a traditional New Year’s dish in Japan for a very long time, since the time of the samurai. This soup is so easy to make with the help of MiSOgood and will surely be a dinner time hit. 
The beauty of this larger grained, finishing salt recipe is that a pinch will go a long way. Since the salt is added at the very end, right before serving, the salt crystals aren’t absorbed into the dish, meaning you get much more taste and flavor with a fraction of the salt. Indeed, using a finishing salt can reduce the total salt needed in a dish dramatically. So even if you are watching your salt intake, a pinch of finishing salt on your home cooked meal is going to be far less sodium than a processed or restaurant meal that probably doesn’t taste nearly as good. Using MiSOgood ads the perfect depth and flavor to your next dish.

This easy dairy-free Dole Whip recipe is the perfect tropical frozen treat to help cool you off on a hot and sunny day! It is quick and simple to make and requires only 3 ingredients.  This recipe is vegan, paleo, gluten-free, nut-free and refined sugar-free.