Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

MiSOgood for breakfast? You bet. MiSOgood can play both a sweet and savory role in these wildly fluffy pancakes. MiSOgood is so jam-packed with flavor that these pancakes are just as tasty as they are fluffy. Adding some maple syrup amplifies the miso’s natural sugars while balancing its saltiness and providing the perfect punch of salty and sweet. Feel free to use our MiSOgood maple syrup recipe to these pancakes for the perfect probiotic filled breakfast. 

What makes these so unique? Let's start with the MiSOgood--that lends a generous dose of salty umami. Here, MiSOgood not only adds some savory depth to a sweet treat, but also contributes to the cakey, chewy texture. Another unique component? Making for layers of mildly toasted sweet and savory flavor in every bite.