Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

This is great as a sauce, glaze or marinade, and everyone always raves about it. You can also add in any pepper like habanero for an added kick! 

Impress your guests at your next summer cookout with this tasty and refreshing recipe. This MiSOgood watermelon agua fresca is made with fresh watermelon and MiSOgood all blended together into a bright and flavorful drink. Agua fresca is cool and refreshing drink with plenty of fruit flavor.  

This is so easy and so tasty. Freezes great for meals later in the week. Achieve all the flavors of slow-simmered chili with the flavor packed power of MiSOgood. This is as tasty as it is easy to throw together. 
One sip was all it took. After trying this MiSOgood sesame milkshake there is no going back! This creamy, sweet, tangy and savory milkshake with have you begging for more. Vegan, packed with probiotics and essential minerals it's all of the good with none of the bad. 
Potato salad with herbs and MiSOgood is the perfect pair. Delightful fresh flavor of new potatoes and crunchy vegetables with a MiSOgood mayo dressing. It feels like a complete meal you might eat for dinner in warmer weather, as a bbq side or a picnic salad. Summer wouldn’t be complete without this cold and creamy potato salad that can be thrown together really quick. MiSOgood gives this creamy dressing a savory taste that complements the potatoes and herbs.

This vegan watermelon poké bowl is delicious – and maybe even better than the real thing. Once marinated in savor MiSOgood the cubed watermelon really does look like raw tuna, but don’t worry. It’s sweet and savory and not a tad bit fishy. It just adds a nice pop of color to your bowl, and it’s super refreshing on a hot summer day.