Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

Butter – who doesn’t love it? This MiSOgood Spicy Miso Butter is the perfect pair combining rich flavor with savory spice. The perfect addition to any dish! 

This soup is a warming concoction of umami-filled MiSOgood and aromatics married with sweet, charred sweetcorn. The soup is bright and fresh and can be made year-round inspiring the flavor of summer.

Warning: HIGHLY tasty! This Blistered Teriyaki MiSOgood Snap Pea dish is tossed in a light yet sumptuous warm MiSOgood Teriyaki sauce. It’s an easy, inspired and healthful dish on its own, or goes perfectly with roasted or grilled meat, poultry or marinated tofu.

Level up your ice cream with this vegan Sesame MiSOgood Caramel Ice Cream! Bringing a fantastic depth of flavor and richness, this nutty umami flavor bomb that is sesame miso is the perfect partner for this sweet and silky ice cream adorn with velvety caramel sauce.