Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

Our MiSOgood Soy-Free Miso pairs perfectly as a slightly sweet dressing for this soba noodle salad. You can make the dressing in the time it takes to cook the soba noodles and it's just so easy and healthy! Keep this dish vegan by adding baked tofu, or add some thinly sliced cooked chicken, beef, or shrimp, you'll have a one-dish meal.

Our vegan MiSOgood dip recipe goes way beyond the usual ranch dressing and is perfect with all sorts of dippers—veggies, wings, and all the chips you can pile beside it. Store-bought dips and dressings are fine in a pinch, but if you want to serve something unique and delicious, then this miso dip is for you. It’s creamy, nutty, and savory with a hint of sweetness, and MiSOgood adds a lively dash of flavor that makes this dip oh-so tasty. 
This colorful, crunchy Asian Slaw features red & green cabbage, carrots, radish, a creamy miso dressing, and is full of freshness and wonderful mix of flavors!