Our favorite MISOgood Recipes

There is nothing better than a slice of homemade bread. MiSOgood adds a bold and rich flavor along with added gut health benefits. Soda bread also has other health benefits. Because it's low in saturated fats, it can help to reduce the risk of some inflammatory diseases. This is also a good bread for people who can't consume yeast because it's baked without using yeast as its leavening agent. Vegan, healthy and tasty! This is a must make!
Talk about GREAT for gut-health. This spicy MiSOgood Kimchi recipe is chock full of fabulous pro-biotics (as most kimchi is) and the longer it ages (translation: ferments) the stronger it becomes in both flavor AND pro-biotic content. Tasty and good for you. Add to salads, sandwiches or eat on on it's own.